Traveling with Anima

We saw a number of places to eat, but they were all of the Italian type and since we were going to be going to Italy the next day we thought we would save ourselves for Italian food in Italy. Which doesn’t make our next choice any more logical but in Ani’s estimation we ended up finding the coolest restaurant on the planet:Yo Sushi called us in through the bright and colorful window and engaged us immediately.

Salmon Roll, Miso & Eggplant

Cool Conveyor Belt Situation
Still or Fizzy Water Fountains
All You Can Eat Wasabi 
The Menu at Yo Sushi

Everything was right in reach, you just picked the plates that caught your eye off the little conveyor belt and started eating your food. A waiter came by just in case you had questions or needed some drinks besides water and in the end came back by to tally up the ‘colors’ of your bowls or plates.

Ani was very impressed and even more in love the next day when we arrived at Stanstead for our Ryan Air flight to Pisa, where she was elated to find a Yo Sushi place right in the airport. Guess what we had for breakfast?