Everywhere I look faces are illuminated by the screen of an iPad, iPhone, computer or some other lighted screen. The portal to the rest of the world.  It has a kind of balayage effect that’s focused on the chin, nose and eyes that are bathed in it’s weird artificial light- the head and hair left out like a darkened halo…

My favorite subject, my daughter, positively glows in it. It’s not unusual that I brought out the old Android to capture the screen glow reflecting on her face from the ever present iPad.
Screen Shots.
Her skin and face are a thousand times more glorious in Nature of course but this has it’s own reward..


In this artifice her vulnerabilities translate onto the camera just as strongly as in natural light and I am interested in that consistency, the heart of which is the skin.  She has a slight greenish tint to her white skin that makes me wild for photographing her. I have been recording since birth. And here is even Mr. Sink’s version.
Although she is a most unwilling subject on occasion she gives me a break and indulges my vision.

What fascinates me the most is how light falls on objects and on skin to form contours.  The radiance emanating from skin is not so easy to ‘get right’ mood-wise. There are props … Photoshop, digital, hand coloring and other techniques that I don’t yet know enough about. Love recording the beauty that surrounds me.  Phone camera’s often do the trick  and it’s spontaneous