Oh, brilliant pics from Milomir Kovacevic, called Strasni – that I found through the Vebahood website. Pictures of Tito’s photographs that obviously everyone had in their kitchens, living rooms, where ever. Pictures of pictures, lost and humiliated during the war.
I had one myself – a picture of Tito that I hung on the wall when the Bosnian and I had our short lived enterprise together. Tito with a monocle and a bullet hole through his cheek. I was so proud of myself for putting him up. Americans, you know. The Bosnian was beside himself, what would people say? But with that one shred of humor that he did have, he finally capitulated and decided that he had come up with the idea in the first place.
The cult of Tito still going strong. I particularly love this one , the gypsy woman smoking a cigarette carrying a bag and a pic of the old man under her arm, like a loaf of bread. Tito is bread.