I’ve been more active with my consultation practice lately, focusing on expanding my availability for readings. I feel empowered by the feedback I am getting from the people who come searching.  Insight, comfort, guidance. I am honored to help. My intentions for this new year is to open the circle and invite more people on the journey. The Circle

“It begins with you & your story….” All answers are inside you and that’s where you find the ‘ah ha’ moments in the reading.  The information unfolds from a seed, germinates in the cup; the subconscious mind brings up all manner of clues regarding desires and hidden tasks – asking for recognition and, action.  We learn how to interpret the language of the cup.

Engaging in this way brings us, the reader and the sitter, an understanding that is a deeply felt and connecting experience, often reverberating days or months later.

And here is another thing.  This morning a friend of mine posted a testimonial on Facebook about my intuitive readings and she said, among other things, that it was a fun experience for her.

Yes!! Turkish Coffee Cup readings are also fun! How many times have I sat, around a kitchen table or in a cafe somewhere in the world, drinking the hot, thick liquid brew of my Bosnian aunties, cousins, friends or neighbors  –  morning, afternoon… apres dinner and then comes the reading of the cups before going home. Laughing, talking, telling each other stories: socializing. Having fun. It’s an integral part of our human ritual; being in and part of community. It’s especially relevant in our world, the female sphere, right? we crave connection.

 I would bet that socializing, hanging out, talking about family, work, men, ambitions, dreams, sex – in whatever order – is important to most of us. We need it and want it.  


 When I am reading a person’s cup, it’s apt to remind them – It’s not only about the final outcome.  It’s also about having fun on the journey to what ever answers you are looking for.