In the last week I have become completely enamored with two things: the coconut vinegar that La Reine bought some months ago at the Vietnamese shopping mall

and green cabbage. I am so enamored with cabbage that I have earned the nickname krautina from my mean spirited brother, who is completely to blame for my infatuation in the first place.

Every time he comes over he is mentioning numerous times how he made this ‘killer’ cole slaw and can eat nothing but, just loves it blah blah blah.

 I bought a head of cabbage then last week and it sat around for days until I decided to make an alternative to boring potatoes or rice by using it as a side dish. Remembering the brother I saved a quarter of the cabbage to make ‘slaw’. Always, an ingredient I need is missing in my kitchen, this time it’s vinegar, managia ….so, off to the pantry to find some alternative and that’s when I found the coco vinegar from the Vietnamese store.

It doesn’t really taste like coconut, barely a hint – a bit sweeter and lighter than regular vinegar. The coconut taste does come out in the finished dish though, a subtle Thai flavor.

I made my fresh chopped coleslaw salad with a few tablespoons of coco vinegar, a tiny bit of mayonnaise, a few teaspoons of simple sugar, a teaspoon of fish sauce and a bit of chili flakes, sea salt, pepper.

                     The Wonders of Kraut

Maybe it is in our blood to love cabbage. It is obligatory for Bosnians to make Sarma for the Christmas holidays which will last from December, January and half of February, since we make enough for an army and it’s cold enough to store on the porch. Also, there is the pan fried German-y (sour) sauerkraut with flekice, flat noodle like squares of dough Baka made once a month whether we needed it or not. I think we are a kraut infused family, by tradition.