The dark, finely ground Bosnian coffee stays at the bottom of the cup after drinkingthat’s where the secrets are. Know the future if you can interpret the symbols left in the luscious, dark dregs….. 

The dregs reveal information from the subconscious – which is visible in patterns left in the cups. You believe, you don’t believe….to each their own. But there is also a whole etiquette for drinking coffee in Bosnia as well. 

In The Complicated Culture of Bosnian Coffee, a recent article in the BBC travel section you’ll read that event though ‘centuries of Ottoman rule may have left the Bosnians in an identity crisis…one thing’s for certain – you can never call their coffee Turkish.’

Along with the coffee consumption, the Ottoman refined sense of hospitality stayed on as well, creating a cult of congeniality, embedded with centuries of social lore, not least influenced by the rituals of coffee drinking. This remains inherent in Bosnian culture and is as much about tradition as it is enjoyment. 


Our stories, like the coffee, are strong. Stories intertwined with laughter and smoke, bitter chocolate and a hint of clove.

{a similar story originally published in Nourish magazine and 2016}