I’ve had a most engaging week. I am feeling  blessed and energized by recognition from my peers. It just so happens that I am surrounded by amazing, positive, working women from all over the world. From the information tech professionals at GlobalNiche  who guided me towards my own online niche to writers and creatives I met through online workshops, Twitter and Facebook – I have received tremendous support from all of them. It makes me so happy!

Anastasia & Tara of GlobalNiche

I realized, I don’t have to be perfect or have it all together 100% to speak my truth. I can gather my Collection and my culture driven passions and ‘polish’ while I’m working.


With my colleagues I expanded my vision to allow the GlobalNiche strategy to work.

Last week I was nominated by two wonderfully prolific and creative writers Sezin Kohler and Sandra Gea Guevara for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Alessandra Granata

Today I interviewed with Alessandra Granata who writes both Viaggi dei Rospi and Lali Viaggi , which are incredibly informative Italian travel blogs focusing on travel with children. I am feeling quite like a muse, it’s true!

I wish this kind of  pay it forward attitude were prevalent in business or even better – in any interactions people have with each other. I know it sounds like I’m talking about something so important – the World Summit or something.

Nope. It’s just that whole thing about  generosity, listening, paying attention.

I don’t think that the ‘news’ cares to report about this stuff. I imagine it’s too simple, too nice, too real.

Help one another.  Sure, it’s not new, but also not popular either.


And at the World Summits,  whatever else those men talk about they might want to include some lessons from us at GlobalNiche. Because it certainly would  give a lot more power to the people if World Summit types used their platform to tell the people that indeed,  there is enough to go around.  Knowing they are supported gives people motivation to turn around and give support when it’s their turn.
That’s how I see it.
When you are not afraid of being left behind you have nothing to loose but to open up.  

Beautiful Bridge

Writers, creatives, dreamers, mom’s, goddesses, women, keepers of the hearth, cuddlers of the truth, dancers with reality, subconscious mind mermaids, cultural spelunkers, wild eyed travelers, opinionated and talented people with something to say,with plenty of experience living and navigating the world – these are the people who’s words of wisdom I prefer to follow. They are authentic and want me to be my best self.

When we are connected we can share our wealth and  also promote the light of others.
I believe that those who engage in this kind of outreach  are the real leaders of  the World Summit. Thanks ladies!

Madame Sezin

Thank you sisters in arms.