Bosnia Floods 2014

Wednesday 5.14 I saw a picture of the Miljacka, the river that runs through Sarajevo, looking unnaturally high.. Then family in Central Bosnia texted they were stuck @home & surrounded by water. Hardly news of any this outside Bosnia/Serbia. Pictures via Twitter & FB. Catastrophic. I’m Heartbroken

  1. The city of Olovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina at the moment. Flooding situation reaching catastrophic levels in places.
  2. 🙁 horrible flooding RT @BiHFootball: Samo hrabro narode naš izdržite….#Bosnia#Bosna
  3. Map of the range of flooding
  4. After someone posted a youtube of people saving an obviously confused & exhausted German Shepard from a garbage laden swollen river, all sorts of animal saving pics showed up. Provided a little bit of warmth for the heart in an alarming situation.
  5. RT @cipelicka: Saving animals and human lives as well during worst floods in a century #Bosnia floods
  6. horrific pictures posted showing Bosnia & Serbia underwater, – w gross comic relief coming in the form of BBC misplacing the story in Africa, instead of Europe. No wonder no one gives a crap. No one knows where it is. ..
  7. BBC News – Bosnia and Serbia emergency after ‘worst ever’ floods …
  8. “ZIVINICE LITVE-GOLUBINJAK. Dijelite objavu,nek i ljudi koji nisu u grupi vide stanje u regionu !”
  9. Pleas from Serbia & Bosnia announcing need for help – drinking water, food, clothes, medicine. 20 dead, thousands displaced.
  10. Word that the US Embassy and various others were mobilizing. Also stories of ordinary people, helping each other – borders and exclusions suddenly meaningless .
  11. It’s 2014. Relief agencies shld have easy (easy) FB, Twitter, G+ share capabilities. Don’t? might as well b on moon #getagrip#socialmedia
  12. People mobilizing from Holland, Germany, Slovenia.., driving down to hometowns in attempt to deliver necessities to those in dire need.
  13. a way 2 donate here in US RT @EdinaSkaljic: Looking 4 a reliable org to help Bosnian flood victims?  RT #Bosnia
  14. In a country where graft and double speak are common currency, – the infrastructure for disasters of this proportion is as fake as the politicians..
  15. They are the worst floods in a century but near complete lack of state infrastructure for disaster relief is the real story in #Bosnia.
  16. § 2. Balkan Storm Also Grips Bosnia, Croatia 1. Bosnia: landslides and raging waters In Bosnia, to the west,… 
  17. Fatal floods in Serbia and Bosnia force tens of thousands to flee their
  18. This used to be a stadium. Please RT Bosnia and Serbia need help,lives are in danger!! #PrayForBosnia #PrayForSerbia
  19. World dosen’t know whats happening to the Serbia and Bosnia…This is whats happening, #PrayForSerbia #PrayForBosnia
  20. #Bosna Hersek’te sel sonucu 10 bin kişinin evsiz kaldığı bildiriliyor! Ülkede bir çok bölge sular altında… #Bosnia
  21. Stories by ordinary people, especially young people mentioning their heart break watching old men, braving weather to get to donation center with  few pounds of flour, sugar and  coffee in small plastic bags to share what little they have with those in greater need. Brings tears and hope.