Everyday Miracles

The first time I heard of the Sanctuary on Montenero  was from Signor Solari, my then piano teacher, who took mum and me on an afternoon trip there many years ago. He was so proud to show off his little secret, a small jewel overlooking the port of Livorno  that houses […]

Sant’Anna in Caprena – Travels with Anima

Views of the outside of Sant’Anna in Caprena, where we arrived just a few minutes too late to visit the fresco’s that the Monastery is so famous for. Oh, yeah – and the English Patient.

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The Doors @Sant’Anna

Traveling back from a lovely day with our American friends, who have an amazing pad with pool and eye candy art in the hills overlooking Caprena, Ani and I stopped at the Monastery to take a peak and finally ogle the place where the dying Hungarian told that long story.Fantastic complex, unfriendly managers. […]

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Of Cats & Fish

Walking around Montalcino the other day, looking for a particular agency I needed to get to, I spotted this minuscule shop selling fish. I know I have passed that way before to get to the “Why Not” Gelateria at the end of the corner, but I had really never noticed this […]

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Quiet Day at Chiusi

These are some quiet scenes from the lake at Chiusi , an ancient and important Etruscan and consequently Roman trade city. The lake forms the remains of the marshlands that used to cover the bottom of the Valdichiana. Last Thursday we went to pick up Miss Alice from the school in Chianciano […]

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From Blue Bear to Tuscany – Traveling with Anima

                                              My daughter has lived in one city her whole life.  Denver,  sometimes called the Queen City of the West is where she feels comfortable. The city famously has 300 […]

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Mille Miglie 2012

La Mille Miglia 2012What an exciting day today along the ancient via Cassia ! The Mille Miglia or 1000 Mile race – came through San Quirico d’ Orcia which is a few miles up the street from us and we drove up for a quick visit to cheer on […]

Tuscan Landscapes

Driving down from San Quirico d’Orcia to Bagno Vignoni at this time of the year the landscape is predictably amazing…

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