La Vasca

The other morning I came to Bagno Vignoni as usual and the Loggia was roped off.  Obviously as curious as anyone else I went to see what was going on to find that the Vasca was being cleaned.Two fellows in the middle of the previously mysterious watery square who […]

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Sant’Anna in Caprena – Travels with Anima

Views of the outside of Sant’Anna in Caprena, where we arrived just a few minutes too late to visit the fresco’s that the Monastery is so famous for. Oh, yeah – and the English Patient.

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The Doors @Sant’Anna

Traveling back from a lovely day with our American friends, who have an amazing pad with pool and eye candy art in the hills overlooking Caprena, Ani and I stopped at the Monastery to take a peak and finally ogle the place where the dying Hungarian told that long story.Fantastic complex, unfriendly managers. […]

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From Blue Bear to Tuscany – Traveling with Anima

                                              My daughter has lived in one city her whole life.  Denver,  sometimes called the Queen City of the West is where she feels comfortable. The city famously has 300 […]

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Booted off the Eye

Traveling with AnimaLondon was cold but fabulous. We came unprepared for the rain and wind, although I think that it’s advertised enough around the world, just goes to show you how insulated we really are over there in the Wild West…The bed and breakfast we ordered was close to […]

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Walking Works it Out

The Circolo delle Mamme Viaggiatrici, a group of Italian bloggers that I partner with, write mostly on subjects related to travel and children on their individual blogs. Once a month we take a particular theme and collectively write about it. Today, I am thrilled to share the second post […]

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Silvana Mondo Silvana MondoWriter, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Oracle. Pomegranate eater I curate stories about culture, food, politics, ideas & people that reveal what I believe is important.  A nomadic early life gave me a global education which was inspired by sojourns in Europe, Asia. America and a rather […]

Traveling with Anima

I was born in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and with few breaks in between never really stopped moving except for my last fifteen years in Colorado. I traveled with my family till I went to university and after that traveled the continents on my own. […]