Fountains and Ancient Rocks – Traveling with Anima

We took a quick day trip to Rome to get the beads for Auntie Irene, a feat that we accomplished by mid afternoon.  I was also desperate to show Ani the Colosseum and at the end of the day after hours of walking in the heat, we were speechless before it.I had not expected […]

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Yo! Do Yo Sushi?

Traveling with AnimaWe saw a number of places to eat, but they were all of the Italian type and since we were going to be going to Italy the next day we thought we would save ourselves for Italian food in Italy. Which doesn’t make our next choice any […]

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Booted off the Eye

Traveling with AnimaLondon was cold but fabulous. We came unprepared for the rain and wind, although I think that it’s advertised enough around the world, just goes to show you how insulated we really are over there in the Wild West…The bed and breakfast we ordered was close to […]

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Walking Works it Out

The Circolo delle Mamme Viaggiatrici, a group of Italian bloggers that I partner with, write mostly on subjects related to travel and children on their individual blogs. Once a month we take a particular theme and collectively write about it. Today, I am thrilled to share the second post […]

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