A Day @San Lorenzo – Traveling with Anima

At the San Lorenzo Flea Market today with Ani. Just a quick walk through because it was so hot I started feeling a bit wilted, had to head back to the hotel. Not of course without first getting a bite to eat at the inside market,Porcchettawhere the meat, fish […]

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Fountains and Ancient Rocks – Traveling with Anima

We took a quick day trip to Rome to get the beads for Auntie Irene, a feat that we accomplished by mid afternoon.  I was also desperate to show Ani the Colosseum and at the end of the day after hours of walking in the heat, we were speechless before it.I had not expected […]

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Just the Two of Us – Traveling with Anima

 This month at Circolo delle Mamme Viaggiatrici we decided to ponder and discuss what works best for us at ‘vacation time’: together with other children and families or concentrating on keeping it intimate – just the family nucleus.For me it was an easy dialogue since I have only ever vacationed with […]

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Of Cats & Fish

Walking around Montalcino the other day, looking for a particular agency I needed to get to, I spotted this minuscule shop selling fish. I know I have passed that way before to get to the “Why Not” Gelateria at the end of the corner, but I had really never noticed this […]

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Quiet Day at Chiusi

These are some quiet scenes from the lake at Chiusi , an ancient and important Etruscan and consequently Roman trade city. The lake forms the remains of the marshlands that used to cover the bottom of the Valdichiana. Last Thursday we went to pick up Miss Alice from the school in Chianciano […]

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Yo! Do Yo Sushi?

Traveling with AnimaWe saw a number of places to eat, but they were all of the Italian type and since we were going to be going to Italy the next day we thought we would save ourselves for Italian food in Italy. Which doesn’t make our next choice any […]

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On to Pisa

Traveling with AnimaAfter our rainy London sojourn we traveled for one day to Pisa,  to see the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli that includes the famous Leaning Tower – obviously a must on the travel itinerary….Ani was initially interested in climbing up the Tower.  There were hoards of other kids, […]

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The Wonder Dog

We slept 12 hours all the way through breakfast and lunch. The English weather followed us a bit to Tuscany but it’s not nearly as dreary. The Deodato’s have a lovely dog named Shep.Balancing Rocks on the Nose Shep is The Dog Eckhart Tolle had in mind when he wrote ‘The […]