Turkish Coffee as Origin, Ritual and Connection

I was invited to write a few words about Turkish coffee for Nourish Food Magazine, a local indie publication conceived in Denver and the love child of Ms. Christine Velasquez.  Informative, beautiful periodicals with articles and pictures about good food, it’s source and the artisans, chefs and passionates who […]

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The secret to everything is in the coffee

The dark, finely ground Bosnian coffee stays at the bottom of the cup after drinking – that’s where the secrets are. Know the future if you can interpret the symbols left in the luscious, dark dregs….. 

The dregs reveal information from the subconscious – which is visible in patterns left in […]

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Mary Day Celebrations

Every year women friends and I celebrate the iconic presence of the Mother Mary in our lives. This honoring of what she represents, mother and nourishment – whether spiritually or in the framework of religion is celebrated around the world on the 15th of August. It is the Catholic holiday […]

Coffee Clouds

Zira’s CupTalking talking talking with the wind in our faces, our hair swirling along with the smoke. A moment of still. Clouds now gliding by painting mirror messages on our coffee.Just the right light. I love this picture.

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