Giant lavender labyrinth roadside wonder

If you’ve ever fantasized about wandering down an endless, winding road of sweet-smelling flowers, there’s a farm in Michigan that  can help make your dreams come true.

There’s a giant, lavender labyrinth in Shelby, Michigan where Barbara Bull, owner of Cherry Point Farm started her magic garden in 2001. The labyrinth […]

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Italians in Bosnia

“In 150 houses surrounded with nature, near Prijedor, an Italian community has been living for over a century. They all have Italian passports in Stivor, they learn Italian in schools, they read Italian newspapers and they live on Italian pensions.”

The website “Ecotourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina” seemingly promotes Bosnia. […]

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A Day @San Lorenzo – Traveling with Anima

At the San Lorenzo Flea Market today with Ani. Just a quick walk through because it was so hot I started feeling a bit wilted, had to head back to the hotel. Not of course without first getting a bite to eat at the inside market,Porcchettawhere the meat, fish […]

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Of Cats & Fish

Walking around Montalcino the other day, looking for a particular agency I needed to get to, I spotted this minuscule shop selling fish. I know I have passed that way before to get to the “Why Not” Gelateria at the end of the corner, but I had really never noticed this […]

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Strange Light

In Pisa for the day at the magnificent Cathedrale at Piazza dei Miracoli (unesco hs) we danced around the tourists and the dark feel of the Medieval stone and marveled at the folds and sighs carved into the marbled statues. The black angels with their swords seemed avengers more than protectors and […]