Your Fortune in a Cup

To schedule a Turkish Coffee cup reading go to, call 720-739-0399 or visit SilvanaMondo on Facebook.

Tasseomancy, literally means ‘divining or reading the cup’. Today’s practitioners of the art typically interpret patterns in tea leaves or coffee grounds to predict the future. Although tasseomancy has its beginnings along the Mediterranean […]


Yesterday afternoon a bit later than our usual afternoon hour I sat with the Queen to partake in our daily ritual of drinking Bosnian coffee. It ended up a harried day. I had met with various friends and with these casual meetings came talks of dreams and plans – […]

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Anna as a Young Woman

100 Fildzana:- 56: “Anna as a Young Woman” I thought of this when I saw it in the plate. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Coffee & Photo = Art

 I’ve been using my Blackberry phone camera exclusively now for 2 years and I have some pretty amazing photographs.  I don’t pretend to be a ‘professional photographer’- but I know a good little Blackberry really does a great job, is accurate, the lighting is phenomenal ( mostly I […]

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