One Day Rome

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Echo Lake

A lovely day in the Mountains, scenery not quite untouched but still a little like old postcards that Aunties send from the Wild West in the middle of Summer.Echo LakePassageThe Ghost BenchNot HeidiStoneOn to Evergreen

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Summer Night

Summer – Cool night time air, finally.  The wind picks up out of nowhere as I’m out for the last smoke. My dogs, ears flying,  are in the middle of the opaquely lit street with me but then  take off on their clandestine run around the block, free of […]

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Crazy Love Summer

This picture that I found while reading the Ephemeral New York blog makes me dream of summer. Not the beach-y summers of my stuck up 20’s, but the loud, sweltering, 15 people milling around a tiny city kitchen on the 4th floor of the projects in Crotone that I spent one […]

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