GlobalNiche Workshop w Silvana

Starting November 10th, I’ve decided to host a special workshop because I want to share this effective, validating and comprehensive practice with you. Using the GlobalNiche method as a framework for this workshop I will guide you through this intuitive, global thinking experience to perfectly focus on what matters most to […]

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Didn’t I see you in Sarajevo?

Be the Change

A big protest was called for in Sarajevo, Bosnia on the 1st day of July. I got this information from Twitter and Facebook. Even after three weeks, most mainstream media hadn’t picked up the story yet and best bets to find information were on Twitter. The protest […]

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Bosnian Protests Continue

Bosnian Protests Continue
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Bosnian protests against corruption, stalemate and elitist politicians continues today as a statement to their politicians and to the world. No more! You’re fired!

Scanning the news out of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Twitter since this morning, where massive protests were called for on […]

Do You Facebook?

 Sharing my February article from my monthly column at the Denver News”In December, The Denver News set up a Facebook Page and Twitter account to interact more readily with Denver area readers who are already active in Social Media. I thought it would be fun and […]