A Bosnian Table

‘Anthony Bourdain once said that “there’s nothing more political than food”. Culinary politics is something we should all have at least a passive interest in. It shows how similar we are, no matter what differences we may have in other areas.’

A nice article from Irena Huseinovic in the Sarajevo […]

Dali’s surrealist cookbook high on holiday wish lists

A rare and fantastical cookbook by legendary painter Salvador Dalí that was reissued after 40 years in obscurity has chefs & artists salivating for a personal copy. What’s in it?

With sex and lobsters, collage and cannibalism, swans dancing with toothbrushes on a pastry case… the cookbook ‘Les diners de Gala’ reflects […]

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Turkish Coffee Reading @5280

“I was at Vukadin-Hoitt’s four-month-old gallery, Silvana Mondo, for a Turkish coffee reading ceremony. Vukadin-Hoitt has been reading the bottoms of cups professionally since 2012, but as she says, “I am a natural intuitive and have been, in some form or another, channeling, reading, or guiding since my teens.” Her […]