Where Shep the Dog Teaches Us How to Live in the Now

(as a close friend of the Diodato family I have special access to Mr. IntheNow himself & will occasionally share some zen secrets via direct observation….)The PathHmmmmm…..Should I go or should I ….. I’m going in…. Wow, I’m in pretty deep here – it’s so much fun!!!Endless, whew…endless green and fun….I….can’t […]

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The Yolk

The Girl has never liked eggs. Doesn’t like them fried or scrambled or anyway at all. The only thing she will accede to is eating the white of a boiled egg. Otherwise her nose turns up.  A bit because of the fuso orario or time zone change and a bit of course because […]

The Wonder Dog

We slept 12 hours all the way through breakfast and lunch. The English weather followed us a bit to Tuscany but it’s not nearly as dreary. The Deodato’s have a lovely dog named Shep.Balancing Rocks on the Nose Shep is The Dog Eckhart Tolle had in mind when he wrote ‘The […]

Val d’Orcia

Room with a View

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