Bosnian Stories

Working on Bosnian Stories. These are personal experiences and insights about a place that has deep meaning for me, a place that I am attached to through family, through love. Stories of memories: seeds and pictures pieced together, morphed over time, with an almost magical life of their own. My […]


A video/photography by Tarik Samarah

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The Garden

This morning I woke up dreaming of a garden. The scene unfolded calm and dreamlike. Shafts of milky sunlight illuminated flowers blowing in a light breeze, and intuitively, I knew it was the end of summer. I could feel and see the movement of every petal and blade of […]

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Aida Sehovic – Sto Te Nema

from Flux Factory 

“In Bosnian tradition, life stops and starts around coffee. The warm drink is shared among close family and friends inside the home at least once a day.”
Aida Sehovic stages her art, a work of awareness and remembrance  in Burlington, VT –
It is called ‘Sto Te Nema’ – […]

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