Stars in her Hair

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Stars in her Hair

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Dancing became my very Reason

                                             (image from Kurdish Globe article)I found a beautiful site akaKurdistan  while researching 1930’s Persia late one night and was charmed by the adventure: cross-culture multi-culture overlapping stories – these that are so deeply embedded in my imagination.’When, after the tragic death of my father, the […]

The Wall

Hanging out with Mrs. Peel late one night.What else could we have done but…. Passed from terribly funny conversations with goofy Persian looking boys inside to momentary art shock once back on the streets: the beautifully decorated west side wall right outside the door at Z Cuisine, {courtesy of the […]

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Playing with Light

To me this looks like a scene from a ancient Roman dinnerbut it also has something very mystical almost spiritual about it, I see the ‘flames’ hovering on top of the head and the various shades and spirits all around the bodiesIn reality, I suppose it is just a set […]

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True Women

Here is a short story about Taryn Andreatta  and  L Anne Enke. Both women are, for different and similar reasons, very special to me and why I mention them on my own blog today. This article is Anne’s discovery of Taryn a few months ago. In the blog post, my […]

Eclipse Babies

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Tito Tito Tito

Oh, brilliant pics from Milomir Kovacevic, called Strasni – that I found through the Vebahood website. Pictures of Tito’s photographs that obviously everyone had in their kitchens, living rooms, where ever. Pictures of pictures, lost and humiliated during the war.I had one myself – a picture of Tito that […]

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