Mark Sink and MOP 2015

Hinterland, RiNO District



Water and Stone

I experienced the magic of  Bagno Vignoni with a friend from Florence. She raced her motorcycle on the weekends with the guys and ended up here. She found love, then and stayed on in this little village of 40 inhabitants, outside of Siena. In those days not yet famous […]

Blue Sari

Blue Sari Soul Eyes 

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Vintage in Russia

These are amazing photographs that I found on Flickr and are taken by one Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky in the 1800 in Russia. I believe the Flickr account belongs to @nokato. The pictures are fabulous and here is a slideshow to feast your eyes!

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Street Art and the MOP

Ernest Pignon-Ernest is French. He is an artist who photographs and creates street art. I think he is fabulous and just gotten to know him recently. I especially adore this work in Naples, one of my favorite cities. I love the way he has combined the street songs of the […]

Nesting with Flowers

Osmia Avosetta. What an extraordinary name. It shines with mystery and beauty. Ani is lucky I hadn’t heard the name at the time of her birth, I would have probably fit it in her litany of names somehow. Can you imagine being born into a ‘womb’ of flower petals? […]

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