Amethyst Coffee Company

At the corner of Broadway and 11th Avenue, in a renovated vintage building, there is a surprise for you. More than one, really. That is where we found the newly opened Amethyst Coffee Company, tucked lovingly into a corner.

Charming owner/barista Elle Taylor, formerly of another favorite spot, Little Owl […]

SunnySide Natural Market

Dead Dog Chocolate

The Yolk

The Girl has never liked eggs. Doesn’t like them fried or scrambled or anyway at all. The only thing she will accede to is eating the white of a boiled egg. Otherwise her nose turns up.  A bit because of the fuso orario or time zone change and a bit of course because […]

Some Thoughts about Food Culture

{My monthly article for the “Go Green” section in The Denver News – formerly the Downtown Denver News}Recently, I met up with a couple from Italy passing through Denver and other big name cities for a PR tour of America. They run a resort and cooking school […]

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Meat & Showing Off

Yesterday morning while I was supposed to be cleaning the house before the New Year, I just happened to be on Twitter, because that is where I always am when I’m supposed to be doing something else and found my way to Mrs Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen blog where I discovered […]

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