The Garden

This morning I woke up dreaming of a garden. The dream unfolded calm and fluid. Shafts of milky sunlight illuminated flowers blowing in a light breeze, and in the dream, I knew it was the end of summer. I felt every petal and blade of grass intimately, the sounds […]

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Bathing Beauties

Another link to my multicultural heritage that I am intermittently fascinated with…It seems to appear out of nowhere. The adoration of a Russian Mother icon or a sudden lust for royal Russian drama stories from the past. Endless days of looking through Culinaria Russia. And then I am entranced, looking for […]



More treasure in pictures. It’s interesting to see the very composed pictures

of the 1960’s and early 70’s in Germany and then Thailand and Usa

as compared to later in the decade when we moved to Italy

when people like Versace, Bowie and Sarah Moon were influencing fashion in Europe and well, […]

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Mary Day 2011

Mary Day CelebrationEvery year some women friends and I celebrate the Goddess with in us on the 15th of August. It is the Catholic holiday set to commemorate the Assumption of Mary, the Mother of Jesus as she is whisked into the Heavens. I pick this day not because […]