The Stranglers – Golden Brown. Love the look. Love the sound.(found via Shoval Zohar on FB)

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Italian Canzone

In the high days of Queen, those gorgeous paraders of the World stage, Italy unveiled it’s new wave of poets, skinny and talented young men and women singing about passion, love – found & lost. Don BackyThat’s when, in my teens, I moved there with my family to a small […]

A Film: Balkan Melodie

A Film by Stefan SchwietertI haven’t seen it yet but will be looking for it, sounds and looks splendid!

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Bregovic & Bordello


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Musically Charmed

Automatically catapulted to the dance floor, even if it is just in the living room. Listen…
‘Ding Deng Dong’  KAL band from Serbia.

I love this band!!

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Crazy Balkan Mother F*ckers

Happy Full Moon

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