My Super Hero

Today we celebrate the Birthday of The Beautiful One.

My mom, my heroine.
Independent of the fact that I love her because she is my mom. She also showed me that kindness and courage are always the lead, in the face of adversity and also during times of abundance and grace, […]

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Every mother I imagine sits one day at the kitchen table looking through old photographs and new and wonders how Time went by so fast. Lost in thought and emotion.My wonderful sprite, lovely angel face, innocent young man that came shining and pretty from my womb became, in seemingly […]

Everyday Miracles

The first time I heard of the Sanctuary on Montenero  was from Signor Solari, my then piano teacher, who took mum and me on an afternoon trip there many years ago. He was so proud to show off his little secret, a small jewel overlooking the port of Livorno  that houses […]


Icons/Ik is mostly a series of photographs that I recaptured with my Blackberry phone camera which I have been using exclusively for most photos the past couple of years. Taking pictures of pictures reminds me of the measured distances, the artifice of ‘news’ that we are confronted with every […]

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FeminaFrom the series ‘Icons/Ikons’

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