I Just Closed My Eyes

In the quiet, life stories seem so complex. Events take on a surreal importance molded by our living experience of them. I guess we figure out, in the telling and retelling of our experience, how to fill in the blanks so that they suit our personal timeline. Already intricately woven […]

The Stain of Pomegranates

šipakWhen I was a little girl I didn’t like the taste of pomegranate juice like I do now. I just didn’t know the value of the stuff. That’s how it is when you are young.When pomegranates were readily available and not expensive at the market we had them at […]

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German Step Potatoes

I have a picture in my mind. It is of me. I am maybe 3 or 4, sitting on the front steps to the house I live in with my mother and grandparents in a small village in southern Bavaria. It is still early morning, almost Spring.  The sun […]

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Some Women

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Die Sterntaler & Werner Herzog

 Die Sterntaler “..the aim of his films, he says, is “the illumination of something that is beyond sheer facts”, what the New Yorker described as “the ecstatic truth”. Does he experience that illumination when he is making his films? “Yes, I sometimes feel like the little girl in […]

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