The secret to everything is in the coffee

The dark, finely ground Bosnian coffee stays at the bottom of the cup after drinking – that’s where the secrets are. Know the future if you can interpret the symbols left in the luscious, dark dregs….. 

The dregs reveal information from the subconscious – which is visible in patterns left in […]

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I Just Closed My Eyes

In the quiet, life stories seem so complex. Events take on a surreal importance molded by our living experience of them. I guess we figure out, in the telling and retelling of our experience, how to fill in the blanks so that they suit our personal timeline. Already intricately woven […]

Love Eye

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The Enchantress

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Minzio the Strong & Julie the Old

Mom is in town and we have taken up our ‘kafa pauza’ rituals again. I so miss making up stories and am determined to not let the opportunities slip from me in the new year.Minzio & JulieHere are her two ancient cats, the male with only one tooth proud […]

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Every mother I imagine sits one day at the kitchen table looking through old photographs and new and wonders how Time went by so fast. Lost in thought and emotion.My wonderful sprite, lovely angel face, innocent young man that came shining and pretty from my womb became, in seemingly […]

Summer Night

Summer – Cool night time air, finally.  The wind picks up out of nowhere as I’m out for the last smoke. My dogs, ears flying,  are in the middle of the opaquely lit street with me but then  take off on their clandestine run around the block, free of […]

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La Regina del Mondo

La Regina del MondoLooks like a  Skimpy Buffet for such a Beautiful WomanThailand. She was always the most beautiful one, no matter where she went. She had her favorite dressmakers and special stoff handler in town and she picked the most exquisite materials to make outrageous dresses. I remember […]

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