Life Genius

I always thought at the end of the day that this would be my epitaph:                                 I put only my art into my work and my genius into my life.

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Lone Tree

I think this must be one of the most famous trees in Italy. This is on a slope by the road that leads from San Quirico d’Orcia, the ancient Etruscan village a mile from San Buona Ventura where we are, to Montalcino.On the way to MontalcinoWe became a bit sick […]

The Garden

This morning I woke up dreaming of a garden. The scene unfolded calm and dreamlike. Shafts of milky sunlight illuminated flowers blowing in a light breeze, and intuitively, I knew it was the end of summer. I could feel and see the movement of every petal and blade of […]

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Monday in Spring

Expectant. Things come together and things fall apart. Ebb and flow.Hard to judge which part of the waiting process is useful and instructive and which part is useless and wasting precious time.Jump!Lots of positive movement lately. I went to my first yoga class with Megan, put up two blogs […]

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Questioning Stable Life

From my WindowI am proud to announce that I am featured once more with a new guest blog post at Anastasia Ashman’s expat+HAREM website. Be sure to read it and then browse the rest of the site for fascinating accounts from women all over the world describing how they […]

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