Three in One – The Language of Bosnia

Today I read over at Radio Sarajevo  that the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo  has found all three ‘dialects’ of Bosnia –  Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian – derive from one single dialect. I tweeted this after I read it  out of amazement and irony, more than anything else .  Everyone (who […]

Faith in Language

 I love this quote from Moacyr Scliar that I found in the NYT today:”It is in language that I have faith, as a vehicle for aesthetic expression and also — and above all else — as an instrument for changing the world in which we live.”

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The Problem of Language

I have been reading about Mile Stojic the Bosnian poet and essayist, and found this article, ‘The Dictionary Demons’, which he wrote, to be very interesting. I am always intrigued about  language and how language evolves.  Mr. Stojic, who’s other work I have not yet read, seems worth following.While reading […]

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