How personal altars enhance space, create focus

Creating an altar is a sacred way to call spiritual energies into your home. Arranging objects in a meaningful way invites awareness & reinforces your personal intentions.

An enchanting trend has inspired women everywhere to create sacred spaces for themselves as a means to expressing their individual spirituality.

The pop […]

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Minzio the Strong & Julie the Old

Mom is in town and we have taken up our ‘kafa pauza’ rituals again. I so miss making up stories and am determined to not let the opportunities slip from me in the new year.Minzio & JulieHere are her two ancient cats, the male with only one tooth proud […]

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Afternoon Cake

One of my writer colleagues in the Global Niche workshop I am taking, mentioned a blog called Sassy Radish the other day and I went and checked it out.  I found a recipe that was totally to my liking.I decided to make it on the spot.My ‘afternoon cake’ inspired by the Sassy RadishIt appealed to […]

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Little Boxes and Big

 I am sitting at my makeshift kitchen table with the mismatched Ottomans. Contemplating. The boxes behind the bakers rack have been piled up there now for more than a month. I plan to fold them up and put them in The Constant Storage for the next time I need […]

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Questioning Stable Life

From my WindowI am proud to announce that I am featured once more with a new guest blog post at Anastasia Ashman’s expat+HAREM website. Be sure to read it and then browse the rest of the site for fascinating accounts from women all over the world describing how they […]

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