Once, in Zepa

“…when Srebrenica fell, that automatically meant that Zepa would fall,” Palic said.
Death of a community, the fall of Zepa

The Serb army had just finished up their most recent killing spree in Srebrenica, as thousands – men, women, children, families and elders were fleeing for their lives from one village to another hoping […]

January 27 Remembering

I will never forgetAuschwitzThe liberation of AuschwitzThe Omarska Death CampHolocaust and Genocide Denial is prevalent in some circles and must be exposedOmarskaOther blog posts to look at The Bosnian Genocide 1992-95

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A video/photography by Tarik Samarah

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Aida Sehovic – Sto Te Nema

from Flux Factory 

“In Bosnian tradition, life stops and starts around coffee. The warm drink is shared among close family and friends inside the home at least once a day.”
Aida Sehovic stages her art, a work of awareness and remembrance  in Burlington, VT –
It is called ‘Sto Te Nema’ – […]

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Some Thoughts on Summer

As June slides into July, like many people who have interests in the Balkans, specifically Bosnia, I start to eye the calender that trudges towards the enth anniversary in memory of the genocide at Srebrenica.An acquaintance of mine recently wondered why I find it necessary to ‘remind’ my Bosnian […]

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