Thoughts on Reading

I’ve been more active with my consultation practice lately, focusing on expanding my availability for readings. I feel empowered by the feedback I am getting from the people who come searching.  Insight, comfort, guidance. I am honored to help. My intentions for this new year is to open the circle […]

Yo! Do Yo Sushi?

Traveling with AnimaWe saw a number of places to eat, but they were all of the Italian type and since we were going to be going to Italy the next day we thought we would save ourselves for Italian food in Italy. Which doesn’t make our next choice any […]

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London Bridge

A few bridge days in London before we travel to the continent for a summer vacation. Ani and I walked miles and miles, schlepped suitcases like novices and endured rainy weather all three days we were in London. But…look at that rainbow. Just for us, I think. Fabulous city, […]

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A Ticket for an Airplane…Traveling with Anima

Living in the United States, Miss A and I usually travel by plane, mainly because the distances are so great. Plane travel, when airfares are within our budget, becomes the most cost and time efficient method of transportation. There are people that love to travel by car and take […]

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Cup of the Week

Who is that boy?

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