Why eating together may be our biggest luxury🍴

Breaking bread with family and friends at your side is a sacred act the world over, and also a time honored tradition in America. Does anyone still do it and why does it matter?

Everyone is busy working, sometimes two jobs, playing hard, running errands, trying to make a living. […]

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Thoughts on Reading

I’ve been more active with my consultation practice lately, focusing on expanding my availability for readings. I feel empowered by the feedback I am getting from the people who come searching.  Insight, comfort, guidance. I am honored to help. My intentions for this new year is to open the circle […]


… with Rose, my dear friend from Italy on her visit to Denver

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Saturday Love

Saturday morning sounds in America: dogs barking, cartoons in back round, keyboard tapping, upstairs the vacuum cleaner churning. I am in the kitchen in between clearing out the fridge and making up recipes with vegetables that need to be cooked before they spoil and at the same time configuring […]

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