Celebrating Mary


Today is our Mary Day celebration. Close to the end of summer, on August 15th, we make time on that day to celebrate and honor the sacred feminine in our home and our lives. Usually it’s late lunch with close friends and family.  It’s a tradition that comes in […]

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The Garden

This morning I woke up dreaming of a garden. The scene unfolded calm and dreamlike. Shafts of milky sunlight illuminated flowers blowing in a light breeze, and intuitively, I knew it was the end of summer. I could feel and see the movement of every petal and blade of […]

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Sex in Action

 Just read this about Sir Peter Smithers, the supposed inspiration for Flemming’s James Bond.Inspired myself, I went on to read other information and found this quote in a NYT article that was just so satisfying I couldn’t help but share it:{His lush photographic images of flowers won eight gold […]

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