Why eating together may be our biggest luxury🍴

Breaking bread with family and friends at your side is a sacred act the world over, and also a time honored tradition in America. Does anyone still do it and why does it matter?

Everyone is busy working, sometimes two jobs, playing hard, running errands, trying to make a living. […]

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Every mother I imagine sits one day at the kitchen table looking through old photographs and new and wonders how Time went by so fast. Lost in thought and emotion.My wonderful sprite, lovely angel face, innocent young man that came shining and pretty from my womb became, in seemingly […]

One Day Rome

ImpressionsColosseumVatican SquareTouristSummerTourist

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Anna as a Young Woman

100 Fildzana:- 56: “Anna as a Young Woman” I thought of this when I saw it in the plate. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Easter at the Lake

                              Easter lunch at the Queens’ house on the Lake. Just the family, small and intimate – my Girl helped make the decorations and No.1 Son filled the empty eggshells with sponge cake to make little eggcakes. We started off with an Antipasto plate: Prosciutto San Daniele, Mortadella and […]

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Saturday Love

Saturday morning sounds in America: dogs barking, cartoons in back round, keyboard tapping, upstairs the vacuum cleaner churning. I am in the kitchen in between clearing out the fridge and making up recipes with vegetables that need to be cooked before they spoil and at the same time configuring […]

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Playing with Light

To me this looks like a scene from a ancient Roman dinnerbut it also has something very mystical almost spiritual about it, I see the ‘flames’ hovering on top of the head and the various shades and spirits all around the bodiesIn reality, I suppose it is just a set […]

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