German Step Potatoes

I have a picture in my mind. It is of me. I am maybe 3 or 4, sitting on the front steps to the house I live in with my mother and grandparents in a small village in southern Bavaria. It is still early morning, almost Spring.  The sun […]

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Traditional Bosnian Holiday Cookies

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Some Say

Some SayThe Ideal WomanHas No FacePhotography by Anima C. S. Hoitt-Ramadani

Dancing became my very Reason

                                             (image from Kurdish Globe article)I found a beautiful site akaKurdistan  while researching 1930’s Persia late one night and was charmed by the adventure: cross-culture multi-culture overlapping stories – these that are so deeply embedded in my imagination.’When, after the tragic death of my father, the […]

Bosnia Long Ago

 {I saw this initially at Old Postcards BiH and then found it again on YouTube}

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From Where?

A door handleto open,  the patiently waiting dzezva behind glass.How often it bekonsthe reflection,mother’s cheek & father’sbone,eye in diffused lightor hair. Iron gatesclosed inor maybe safe. Sometimes I notice,others not.Sometimes the blood callsothers.

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Coffee Rituals

Sometimes I revisit pictures of coffee cups, keepsakes from my therapeutic Tasseology sessions. The cups or fildzani in Bosnian, retain the dark, finely ground coffee at the bottom, and there lie the secrets. This is one way for me to remember the stories.  The cup reveals tales from the subconscious, […]