splendid radiance…

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Here is the most wonderful post about St. Nikolaus!  More information than I ever have seen, amusing and fascinating. He is the Patron Saint not only of Children but also of Girls Who Hope to Marry, Bakers, Vat Makers, Bankers and Thieves… but mostly Sailors!The website of Waverly Fitzgerald is a […]

at the Gov’s

Who can resist fancy kitties, ceramic gift boxes, silly Santa’s and eclectic  illuminations?  Sharing some pictures taken while I attended this morning’s meet the press at the Governor’s Mansion where every year fantastic Holiday decorations are put up and historic tours of the residence are scheduled for the public.Karen’s kitties…Karen BozikPhil’s […]

Bears Bear Bearing

consumed with Bears today. must have dreamt something..Sartola Ban, artistmarbleheadllc.comfrom dogandogs.comall these pictures of real people with real bears make me cringe of course and am liebsten I would turn the tables on the situation. but it is what it is. for more depressing pics look up gypsies, russians, […]

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Of Cats & Fish

Walking around Montalcino the other day, looking for a particular agency I needed to get to, I spotted this minuscule shop selling fish. I know I have passed that way before to get to the “Why Not” Gelateria at the end of the corner, but I had really never noticed this […]

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Lone Tree

I think this must be one of the most famous trees in Italy. This is on a slope by the road that leads from San Quirico d’Orcia, the ancient Etruscan village a mile from San Buona Ventura where we are, to Montalcino.On the way to MontalcinoWe became a bit sick […]

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From the Attic

Clearing house. Always good but sometimes difficult. And so often surprising. I had forgotten these days in Milano when I first set out on my own. These are treasures because it’s really all I have from that time.  The ‘book’ with all the tear outs and beautiful pic’s was […]

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