Celebrating the black contribution to British cultural life

Art mirrors social movements. Three current shows feature black artists whose roots documenting racial politics in the 80’s are ironically relevant in today’s post-Brexit climate.

 Black artists constantly fight against invisibility. In putting historically marginalized figures at the center of her work, Lubaina Himid asserts and celebrates the black contribution […]

Denver’s 5280 Magazine at SilvanaMondo for Turkish Coffee & Cup Reading

“I was at Vukadin-Hoitt’s four-month-old gallery, Silvana Mondo, for a Turkish coffee reading ceremony. Vukadin-Hoitt has been reading the bottoms of cups professionally since 2012, but as she says, “I am a natural intuitive and have been, in some form or another, channeling, reading, or guiding since my teens.” Her […]

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Turkish Coffee as Origin, Ritual and Connection

I was invited to write a few words about Turkish coffee for Nourish Food Magazine, a local indie publication conceived in Denver and the love child of Ms. Christine Velasquez.  Informative, beautiful periodicals with articles and pictures about good food, it’s source and the artisans, chefs and passionates who […]

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A Fortunate Pairing

“Inside Silvana Mondo, Silvana Vukadin-Hoitt’s Tennyson Street art and antiques gallery, a low table surrounded by five cushioned stools that are barely higher than the floor itself awaits a group of guests, the tabletop set with a spread of dates, almonds, Turkish delight, a bottle of Bosnian sljivovic plum […]

Bosnian Stories

Working on Bosnian Stories. These are personal experiences and insights about a place that has deep meaning for me, a place that I am attached to through family, through love. Stories of memories: seeds and pictures pieced together, morphed over time, with an almost magical life of their own. My […]

Coffee Cup Readings

Mary Day Celebrations

Every year women friends and I celebrate the iconic presence of the Mother Mary in our lives. This honoring of what she represents, mother and nourishment – whether spiritually or in the framework of religion is celebrated around the world on the 15th of August. It is the Catholic holiday […]

Food & Culture

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