Every mother I imagine sits one day at the kitchen table looking through old photographs and new and wonders how Time went by so fast. Lost in thought and emotion.My wonderful sprite, lovely angel face, innocent young man that came shining and pretty from my womb became, in seemingly […]

The Stain of Pomegranates

šipakWhen I was a little girl I didn’t like the taste of pomegranate juice like I do now. I just didn’t know the value of the stuff. That’s how it is when you are young.When pomegranates were readily available and not expensive at the market we had them at […]

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Die Sterntaler & Werner Herzog

 Die Sterntaler “..the aim of his films, he says, is “the illumination of something that is beyond sheer facts”, what the New Yorker described as “the ecstatic truth”. Does he experience that illumination when he is making his films? “Yes, I sometimes feel like the little girl in […]

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