A Mad Dash to Arash

No coffee in the house, a lawn party on Sunday with gift required and on top of that Mary Day celebrations coming up on Monday gaaaaaa!  near hysteria! The thought of going to the bulging Bulgarian store on Arkansas Avenue was alluring – but, as Deshi san was out […]

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Anna as a Young Woman

100 Fildzana:- 56: “Anna as a Young Woman” I thought of this when I saw it in the plate. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Easter at the Lake

                              Easter lunch at the Queens’ house on the Lake. Just the family, small and intimate – my Girl helped make the decorations and No.1 Son filled the empty eggshells with sponge cake to make little eggcakes. We started off with an Antipasto plate: Prosciutto San Daniele, Mortadella and […]

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The Scholar

It’s that time again, the weekly though sometimes it’s daily or even monthly on occasions Bosnian Coffee Grounds!

A Bosnian Table

Bosnian CoffeeIt’s always so delightfully satisfying to experience Bosnian hospitality! On my recent visit to a home bound friend who is originally from Bosnia, I was treated, as always, like a very important person the second I took off my shoes and walked through the door.The coffee was put […]

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Garden of Eden

 And here it is..the weekly Bosnian Coffee Art Pic – Imagine away..

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An Ideal Afternoon ‘pauza’

via starerazglednice BiH

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Anima Animus

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