Sto Fildzana – Revisiting 100 Cups


One Hundred Cups was my coming out as a student and practitioner of what’s commonly called Tasseography. In the West it mostly refers to Tea Leaf Readings, where as in the Balkans, ME, Russia and Africa coffee grounds are used. Turkish Coffee Cup readings as the art of drinking […]

The secret to everything is in the coffee

The dark, finely ground Bosnian coffee stays at the bottom of the cup after drinking – that’s where the secrets are. Know the future if you can interpret the symbols left in the luscious, dark dregs….. 

The dregs reveal information from the subconscious – which is visible in patterns left in […]

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Thrillist List of Must Visit 2017 Denver Small Businesses includes Silvana Mondo Gallery

Thank you Thrillist and writer Molly Martin for mentioning Silvana Mondo Gallery in this article about Denver’s up and coming small businesses. We thrive and survive on local support.  🙏

Silvana Mondo Gallery
At this eclectic gallery, you can get some answers to life’s tough questions along with a dose of […]

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A Fortunate Pairing

“Inside Silvana Mondo, Silvana Vukadin-Hoitt’s Tennyson Street art and antiques gallery, a low table surrounded by five cushioned stools that are barely higher than the floor itself awaits a group of guests, the tabletop set with a spread of dates, almonds, Turkish delight, a bottle of Bosnian sljivovic plum […]

Bosnian Stories

Working on Bosnian Stories. These are personal experiences and insights about a place that has deep meaning for me, a place that I am attached to through family, through love. Stories of memories: seeds and pictures pieced together, morphed over time, with an almost magical life of their own. My […]

Coffee Clouds

Zira’s CupTalking talking talking with the wind in our faces, our hair swirling along with the smoke. A moment of still. Clouds now gliding by painting mirror messages on our coffee.Just the right light. I love this picture.

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Minzio the Strong & Julie the Old

Mom is in town and we have taken up our ‘kafa pauza’ rituals again. I so miss making up stories and am determined to not let the opportunities slip from me in the new year.Minzio & JulieHere are her two ancient cats, the male with only one tooth proud […]

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Yesterday afternoon a bit later than our usual afternoon hour I sat with the Queen to partake in our daily ritual of drinking Bosnian coffee. It ended up a harried day. I had met with various friends and with these casual meetings came talks of dreams and plans – […]

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