Bosnian Protests Continue

Bosnian Protests Continue
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Bosnian protests against corruption, stalemate and elitist politicians continues today as a statement to their politicians and to the world. No more! You’re fired!

Scanning the news out of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Twitter since this morning, where massive protests were called for on […]

Bosnia – What’s Going Down?

Yesterday an iconic 60’s protest song came on the car radio as I was formulating this second post about the current protests in Bosnia. The intro and chorus is well known

‘I think it’s time we stop, children – what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down’…

and is totally infectious. […]

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Bosnia Awakens

I saw the first mention of protests in Sarajevo last Wednesday via an online Bosnian newspaper.  My heart beat faster as I read about a relatively small incident of protest in downtown Sarajevo, because my heart knows that anything blown out of proportion in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia […]

Three in One – The Language of Bosnia

Today I read over at Radio Sarajevo  that the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo  has found all three ‘dialects’ of Bosnia –  Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian – derive from one single dialect. I tweeted this after I read it  out of amazement and irony, more than anything else .  Everyone (who […]

January 27 Remembering

I will never forgetAuschwitzThe liberation of AuschwitzThe Omarska Death CampHolocaust and Genocide Denial is prevalent in some circles and must be exposedOmarskaOther blog posts to look at The Bosnian Genocide 1992-95

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Summer 1997

I have a friend. She is like my sister. Our grandfather’s were very good friends too. They were born in the beginning of the 1900’s and both their fathers owned large tracts of land and were in business with the sawmills. They often worked together in the forests […]

at the Gov’s

Who can resist fancy kitties, ceramic gift boxes, silly Santa’s and eclectic  illuminations?  Sharing some pictures taken while I attended this morning’s meet the press at the Governor’s Mansion where every year fantastic Holiday decorations are put up and historic tours of the residence are scheduled for the public.Karen’s kitties…Karen BozikPhil’s […]

Afternoon Cake

One of my writer colleagues in the Global Niche workshop I am taking, mentioned a blog called Sassy Radish the other day and I went and checked it out.  I found a recipe that was totally to my liking.I decided to make it on the spot.My ‘afternoon cake’ inspired by the Sassy RadishIt appealed to […]

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