Swallowed Whole

The catastrophic flooding in Bosnia and Serbia is finally getting attention in the news.  Between the Red Cross, hundreds of courageous homeland volunteers and disaster relief professionals streaming in from all parts of the world Bosnia and Serbia seem to be getting the help they need, though there is […]

The Balkans: Under Water

18 hours ago

Bosnia Floods 2014
Wednesday 5.14 I saw a picture of the Miljacka, the river that runs through Sarajevo, looking unnaturally high.. Then family in Central Bosnia texted they were stuck @home & surrounded by water. Hardly news of any this outside Bosnia/Serbia. Pictures via Twitter & FB. Catastrophic. […]

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Sarajevo Scenes


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Bosnia Rumbles

Previously published on Medium on Friday, Feb 7th, 2014

Today Bosnia and her protests are in the news once again. Three days ago, rustic Tuzla in the northeast, was the scene of initially calm protesters gathering against corruption and unemployment in their home town. Last night, a map on Facebook, made it’s way through my feed. […]

But That is Not All

Ali to Nije Sve

Bosnian poet Mak Dizdar

…..  But that’s not all
You don’t know the law of the crossroads
between light
But that’s not all
Because what you know the least about is
that in your being
the worst struggles
and real wars
are in the being
Therefore, you don’t know you’re the least of my worries
among my
You […]

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Once, in Zepa

“…when Srebrenica fell, that automatically meant that Zepa would fall,” Palic said.
Death of a community, the fall of Zepa

The Serb army had just finished up their most recent killing spree in Srebrenica, as thousands – men, women, children, families and elders were fleeing for their lives from one village to another hoping […]

On Bajram & Kismet


I have a friend. She is like my sister. Our grandfather’s were very good friends too. They were born in the beginning of the 1900’s in wild Bosnia, under Austro-Hungarian rulers and both their fathers owned large tracts of land. They were in business with the mills. Often, they […]

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Didn’t I see you in Sarajevo?

Be the Change

A big protest was called for in Sarajevo, Bosnia on the 1st day of July. I got this information from Twitter and Facebook. Even after three weeks, most mainstream media hadn’t picked up the story yet and best bets to find information were on Twitter. The protest […]

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