Sto Fildzana – Revisiting 100 Cups


One Hundred Cups was my coming out as a student and practitioner of what’s commonly called Tasseography. In the West it mostly refers to Tea Leaf Readings, where as in the Balkans, ME, Russia and Africa coffee grounds are used. Turkish Coffee Cup readings as the art of drinking […]

A Bosnian Table

‘Anthony Bourdain once said that “there’s nothing more political than food”. Culinary politics is something we should all have at least a passive interest in. It shows how similar we are, no matter what differences we may have in other areas.’

A nice article from Irena Huseinovic in the Sarajevo […]

Turkish Coffee Reading @5280

“I was at Vukadin-Hoitt’s four-month-old gallery, Silvana Mondo, for a Turkish coffee reading ceremony. Vukadin-Hoitt has been reading the bottoms of cups professionally since 2012, but as she says, “I am a natural intuitive and have been, in some form or another, channeling, reading, or guiding since my teens.” Her […]

Refugee Stories: Snapshots and Heirlooms

My grandmother had little patience for anything that reminded her of the war or of her origins. A small grey heirloom box that she gave me contained two things: a notebook in precise handwriting of botanical tags used for making her tinctures, salves and teas and a handful of […]

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Suada’s Slippers









with @JustinKennedy

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Bosnian Stories

Working on Bosnian Stories. These are personal experiences and insights about a place that has deep meaning for me, a place that I am attached to through family, through love. Stories of memories: seeds and pictures pieced together, morphed over time, with an almost magical life of their own. My […]

Celebrating Mary


Today is our Mary Day celebration. Close to the end of summer, on August 15th, we make time on that day to celebrate and honor the sacred feminine in our home and our lives. Usually it’s late lunch with close friends and family.  It’s a tradition that comes in […]

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Italians in Bosnia

“In 150 houses surrounded with nature, near Prijedor, an Italian community has been living for over a century. They all have Italian passports in Stivor, they learn Italian in schools, they read Italian newspapers and they live on Italian pensions.”

The website “Ecotourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina” seemingly promotes Bosnia. […]

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