The Real World Summit

I’ve had a most engaging week. I am feeling  blessed and energized by recognition from my peers. It just so happens that I am surrounded by amazing, positive, working women from all over the world. From the information tech professionals at GlobalNiche  who guided me towards my own online niche to […]

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Queen for a Day

I am at this very moment feeling very desired and… well quite frankly, a little nervous because I have had most amazing and flattering news! Two exceptionally talented and lovely people have nominated me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ and I am thrilled and also a bit alarmed! Here I […]

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Women living the Global Life

I just spent a good piece of the late morning on a very cool website that I go to often. I start reading the expat + HAREM website totally intrigued and by the time I know it I am browsing amazing blogs written by the women that are featured […]

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The joys of Italy! Just browsing around reading my twitter feed and happened on this fellows’ blog (via @TheUnknownChef) and this beautiful picture of cured meats in a shop window greeted me. Prosciutti, culatelli, speck, salame….I dream of visiting my bel’ Italia again soon so that I can nonchalantly stand in front […]

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In late August my SilvanaMondo blog was suspended, kidnapped, cancelled …again. Third time. I have an eye for detail, tis true, but not for tech detail, like updates, calendars, directions on the back of boxes or spy ware. Anyone’s guess on what exactly happened is as good as the […]

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