More Wall

Photo’s by Mrs Peel

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Buddha Head

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Mother of the Earth

…Mother Earth…look at her straddling the world…the world that comes from between her legs!

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Sex in Action

 Just read this about Sir Peter Smithers, the supposed inspiration for Flemming’s James Bond.Inspired myself, I went on to read other information and found this quote in a NYT article that was just so satisfying I couldn’t help but share it:{His lush photographic images of flowers won eight gold […]

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From Where?

A door handleto open,  the patiently waiting dzezva behind glass.How often it bekonsthe reflection,mother’s cheek & father’sbone,eye in diffused lightor hair. Iron gatesclosed inor maybe safe. Sometimes I notice,others not.Sometimes the blood callsothers.

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Number 8 – Mothers & Daughters

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The Third Man

The Third Man

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Coffee & Photo = Art

 I’ve been using my Blackberry phone camera exclusively now for 2 years and I have some pretty amazing photographs.  I don’t pretend to be a ‘professional photographer’- but I know a good little Blackberry really does a great job, is accurate, the lighting is phenomenal ( mostly I […]

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