Twelve ii

Everywhere I look faces are illuminated by the screen of an iPad, iPhone, computer or some other lighted screen. The portal to the rest of the world.  It has a kind of balayage effect that’s focused on the chin, nose and eyes that are bathed in it’s weird artificial […]

Lake Fireworks

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23ed Avenue Dresses for Spring

Walking the animals the other day I found myself one street over from the Queen’s house admiring a lovely tunnel of trees that guided us back around to the Lake…

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The Scholar

It’s that time again, the weekly though sometimes it’s daily or even monthly on occasions Bosnian Coffee Grounds!

Of Queens & Sons

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My Heart & Soul

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Mr. Sloan’s Lake

I’m back to walking the lake. Too much time wasted looking at it’s engaging beauty from the bay window.

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My Caravan

Caravansand then more Lots of fantastical lights at the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Littleton. A lot of the set up looks like Seussville miracles The Red Burning Tree was the final encounter

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