Amethyst Coffee Company

At the corner of Broadway and 11th Avenue, in a renovated vintage building, there is a surprise for you. More than one, really. That is where we found the newly opened Amethyst Coffee Company, tucked lovingly into a corner.

Charming owner/barista Elle Taylor, formerly of another favorite spot, Little Owl […]

Sugar Vision

Sugar girl Melissa Yanc has people talking about her all over town. Her small batch pastry production team creates all too delectable edibles.  With names like Liquid Brownie and White Russian Truffle we can’t even resist.  There are also croissants, the real kind, filled with Ham & Cheese, Almond […]

Your Fortune in a Cup

To schedule a Turkish Coffee cup reading go to, call 720-739-0399 or visit SilvanaMondo on Facebook.

Tasseomancy, literally means ‘divining or reading the cup’. Today’s practitioners of the art typically interpret patterns in tea leaves or coffee grounds to predict the future. Although tasseomancy has its beginnings along the Mediterranean […]