Aida Sehovic – Sto Te Nema

from Flux Factory 

“In Bosnian tradition, life stops and starts around coffee. The warm drink is shared among close family and friends inside the home at least once a day.”
Aida Sehovic stages her art, a work of awareness and remembrance  in Burlington, VT –
It is called ‘Sto Te Nema’ – […]

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Dancing became my very Reason

                                             (image from Kurdish Globe article)I found a beautiful site akaKurdistan  while researching 1930’s Persia late one night and was charmed by the adventure: cross-culture multi-culture overlapping stories – these that are so deeply embedded in my imagination.’When, after the tragic death of my father, the […]

Questioning Stable Life

From my WindowI am proud to announce that I am featured once more with a new guest blog post at Anastasia Ashman’s expat+HAREM website. Be sure to read it and then browse the rest of the site for fascinating accounts from women all over the world describing how they […]

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La Vie en Rose

A pretty birthday celebration, quiet and subtle with Prinz Achmed in the background supping on Z’s famous Assiette de Charcuterie and an earthy glass of rouge. An early night, as far as birthdays go, I left before midnight and walked to my car following the noiseless, dark sliver of […]

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Gorgeous Primps Herself

 This is a copy of a gorgeous painting by Gustave Moreau via the extremely interesting and informative blog by a woman named BWS. The blog,  It’s About Time has every post filled with luscious pictures, lots of details and well researched information on America, Art, Painting, Women. To describe […]

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Makilam and the Kabyle Women of Algeria

In the last few weeks it’s been hard to keep up with the continuous news of yet another revolution coming out of North Africa . This afternoon it  has me thinking about a fascinating woman and friend, Malika Grasshoff .  I met Mme.G in Bosnia  just about this time […]

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Mixing up Religion, Sex & Art in Beirut

I discovered a post written by Isabelle Mayault  for  Mashallah News  about artist Chaza Charafaddine.I think I am in love!The female artist says “I was educated by nuns and lived in Europe. This is probably why, for me, it’s natural to mix everything.” words that really struck a chord […]

True Women

Here is a short story about Taryn Andreatta  and  L Anne Enke. Both women are, for different and similar reasons, very special to me and why I mention them on my own blog today. This article is Anne’s discovery of Taryn a few months ago. In the blog post, my […]